Divorce Appraisals

Divorce Appraisal is a well-supported, professional appraisal report which is defensible in the court of law.

A divorce property appraisal is an essential   part for equitable division of marital asset.

The first professional that an attorney or an administrator calls is a divorce property appraiser.

A credible and objective divorce property appraisal can help you to determine whether it is in your best interest to settle with your partner out of the court or whether go to trial

The request for the appraisal of assets in the divorce is either done by a third party (attorney, court) or each spouse will request his or her own appraisal report.

Divorce property appraisal is done as of a specific date which is called the effective date of appraisal. This date is typically agreed upon by the parties and can be the separation date or the date of divorce.

Agreeing on what date should be used as the effective date of appraisal for the divorce purpose is often argued because it can severely alter the valuation amount of the property due to the change in the market condition in that period of time that could cause appreciation or depreciation in the value of the appraised property.

Divorce decision is a very emotional decision and when there is a real estate asset like a home involved in the divorce settlement, usually there are two options for divorcing couples. They can either sell the home or one party buys the other party’s share. In either case there is a need for a professional appraisal by a certified residential appraiser.

In divorce actions, the family home, which is usually a community property in California and often the largest asset of divorcing couple, is normally apprised by a certified professional appraiser.

Appraisal reports for the divorce properties have to comply with Uniform Standards of professional appraisal practice (USPAP) and the state laws and regulations.

Divorce property appraisals are often time retrospective appraisals because their effective dates are from the period prior to the date that appraisal was requested

If you are a family law attorney, you may need a retrospective appraisal report for the purpose of divorce or estate to establish a supportive fair market value, which is accurate and defensible. We have experience and skill to do retrospective appraisal reports.

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