Attorneys-Support Services

Forensic Appraisals, Litigation, Consultation, Expert Witness

Serving your local real estate needs since 1983. I am an area competent appraiser. My local experience is a valuable asset when appraising properties in this diverse foothill community.  Familiarity allows for confident answers and timely results. I pride myself on my quality of work, timeliness and honesty, I am also accommodating, understanding and easy to work with. I offer reliable  well written credible reports,  that are defensible defensible in court. I am available for expert witness and or consultations.

I have been approved by the Courts of El Dorado County as an expert witness and have testified in several cases. In all instances the Courts ruled in favor of my report.

All reports  are written to conform with the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP);

Standards rule 2-1 provides that each written report or oral property appraisal report must;
Clearly and accurately set forth the appraisal in a manner that will not be misleading;
Contain sufficient information to enable the intended users of the appraisal  to understand the report properly; and
Clearly and accurately disclose all assumptions, extraordinarily assumptions, hypothetical conditions, and limiting conditions used in the assignment.

I offer a 30 minute free consultation to discuss  how my services can benefit  your client.

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