10 Ways to Improve your curb appeal

I always like it when you find a simple solution to property update and maintenance. Spring is here and we all get urge for spring cleaning. Here some tried and true measures to updating your home without breaking the budget.


Real Estate Matters: The Appraiser’s Dilemma | Finance & Commerce

Real Estate Matters: The Appraiser’s Dilemma | Finance & Commerce.

Christine, Christopher and Jennifer welcome you:

Silver Lake, Amador County California

Kayaking on Beautiful Silver Lake in Amador County


With three-regional offices to serve your appraisal needs Christine Pyle Banks, senior appraiser and mother to Christopher Pyle and Jennifer Smith, is happy to offer her community a locally based business with an attention to detail and quality customer service.

“Working with my children in a business I built was not a planned path; however, I’m grateful to be able to work with my family and share this stage of our journey together. We each bring a different strength: I spent years in the foothills as a licensed real estate agent which allows me a different perspective to the marketplace. Christopher has spent years in school and has owned multiple businesses which allows him a specialized writing skill with an attention to detail and Jennifer has a drive and work ethic unrivaled, she’s our go to when time constraints are tight. Too, Jennifer and I have worked to a higher license level and are FHA approved. The office can pretty much do it all when it comes to residential appraisals. We’re excited to offer competency

and humanity to a business that all too often lacks both.”

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The AppraiserCHRIS office covers Amador County, El Dorado County,

Sacramento County, West Sacramento and Davis of Yolo County, and a significant portion of Placer County.

Christine Pyle Banks is a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser, FHA approved.

Christopher Pyle is a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Licensed Insurance Broker (auto, home, business & life).

Jennifer Smith is a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser, FHA approved.

Christine specializes in private appraisal work for divorce, estate settlement and establishment and pre-listing appraisal

services. Christine has a genuine appreciation of working one on one with her clients wherein her responsibility is to the individual or family members allowing her to disclose all she finds and has the requirement to offer counsel with regard to her findings. Working with the elderly is especially important as Christine feels this population is under-served and often taken advantage.

Christopher specialized in editing and writing reports, while he travels into the field as workload requires he’s the go to in the office for report writing and the detail work. Christopher appreciates the intricacies of


writing a technical and comprehensive report. Additionally he spends time insuring clients throughout the greater area as a licensed agent and broker of the Farmers Insurance brand.

Jennifer is the office utility appraiser, lender work or privates, she observes and reports on all and covers the largest area serving all the coverage map.

For virtually all your residential appraisal needs, we’re able to assist. Please reach out and contact us: 530-626-4403 b. 530-503-7806 c. 530-698-6025 f. or email chris@appraiserchris.com


Christine, Christopher and Jennifer

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