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Estate Planning part 1 of 4

birthday cakeThese past few years have been interesting to say the least: I randomly forget the point I’m making mid-sentence and when this happens, I think – Senior Moment! I was walking my dogs recently near the river, as I always do, and I miss-stepped slipping onto some rocks. Fortunately I wasn’t hurt save for a few scrapes. I have more ‘character-lines’ in my face and I droop in places I never drooped before. For the past year, a friend of mine has been caring for both her parents, both quite old, both suffering different ailments and both need separate types of care facilities. I lost both my parents, within six-months of each other, and was forced to learn on the fly how to handle their estate. The balance of emotions, sadness, pain, fear and having to face their end of life decisions was overwhelming.

These changes, this getting older stuff, it feels like it hits from out of the blue and it can be scary. Because of my own experiences: losing my parents and my personal senior moments, I’ve decided to focus my appraisal practice on those in similar situations as myself. I want to help you be prepared, help you plan your own estate in the hope you can avoid that feeling of being unprepared and overwhelmed.

There are three basic areas wherein a bit of time and focus spent now, will save hours of chaos and panic later:

  1. The first, understand the value of your estate, have your personal and real property appraised. Each has its own value and each requires a different type of appraiser. An appraiser will inventory and report on your possessions. In the event of a real estate appraiser she’ll determine the worth of your properties and or home in the current real estate market. A personal property appraiser can figure an estate value or a lot auction value of personal property that may be sold, if so desired.
  2. Secondly, it’s important to get your health directive in order. While thinking of extreme health needs may be disquieting, it’s important to sit down, plan this out in a go and have it set up to save the potential of future agony. If young enough, everyone should look into a long-term care health policy.
  3.  Finally, you need to plan and create your will. This is your chance to give as you wish, to assure people are cared for due to your hard work, in the way you see fit. This is your chance to secure/design your personal legacy.

With these three major areas addressed you will mitigate many of the pressing emotional and time sensitive issues that arise as we age. As I work through my own estate planning, I look forward to developing each of these areas in detail: providing you with resources, contacts and tools to set up your life estate. If you find yourself currently needing assistance, call me: I have people you can contact immediately for assistance in each of the above areas.

Thanks kindly, Christine.

PS – If you or anyone you know is in need of a real estate appraisal, feel free to contact me for a free consultation and quote. 530-626-4403 chris@appraiserchris.com

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